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Facts About Hanuman

Hanuman belongs to the group of zoomorphic figures in Indian mythology, but he is the only fully animal figure that is revered as a god today.The mythic texts depict him as a monkey child of the Wind God, who possesses tremendous strength, a keen intellect, and a mastery over the Vedas and other branches of learning.   He is a firm devotee of Rama, the hero of the epic Ramayana, and has the power to manifest in any form he chooses.

The Story of Hanuman

The Ramayana is a significant epic story from ancient India.  The story is about Rama, a legendary prince who has to rescue his wife, Sita, who is kidnapped by the demon King RavanaThe Hindu god Hanuman is shaped like a half-monkey and half-human. The Ramayana and other traditional Hindu stories and artworks prominently feature him due to his devotion to Prince Rama. Hanuman uses his special powers and qualities to aid Rama in rescuing his wife Sita. Hanuman is seen as a perfect Hindu because he uses his powers for the benefit of others and is not self-serving.The story of Hanuman can be found in this version. The objective is for you to understand the Hindu qualities and attributes of Hanuman, and then read his story to find instances of him using or developing them. This will enable us to comprehend the essence of Hanuman that makes him the ideal Hindu.

Lord Hanuman born

According to legend, Hanuman’s birth took place at the same time as Prince Rama’s: their stories are woven together from the very beginning. Rama’s father, a King, was praying to the Gods that he would soon have children – while at the same time, Hanuman’s mother Anjana, who was half-monkey, was also worshipping the Gods.

The Gods appreciated the King’s prayers, and sent him some heavenly pudding called payasam, to share between his three wives. This led to the births of Prince Rama – the main character in the Ramayana – and his brothers. Due to the Gods’ appreciation for Anjana’s worship, they instructed Vayu, the God of wind and air, to take a bite of Pasayam pudding while it was floating in the sky to the king.Anjana had payasam delivered by Vayu, and she ate it, thanking the gods. Anjana gave birth to a baby boy, Hanuman, because of this pudding spoonful. Hanuman’s mother Anjana had a monkey shape, but Vayu took the young boy to be his son, leading to his being considered a God.


Hanuman’s Heart

A necklace of pearls was given to Hanuman by Sita once. After some time, the residents of the city saw him break the necklace and inspecting each pearl minutely. They were captivated and asked him why. I am in search of Rama and Sita, Hanuman replied. The spectators laughed at his apparent naivety and pointed out that the royal couple was currently seated on the imperial throne. But Rama and Sita are everywhere, even in my heart, wondered aloud the true devotee. Hanuman responded by standing up and cutting his chest with his sharp talons, despite their lack of understanding of his devotion. The audience was taken aback to find an image of Rama and Sita enshrined 

within his throbbing heart. Hanuman’s devotion was never mocked again by anyone.




Hanuman’s Powers 

Hanuman was struck by a thunderbolt from Indra, the King of the Gods, which blessed him and made him as strong as Indra.  Hanuman was granted powers and protection by many other gods ;The power of growing or shrinking was given to him by God Brahma,, the god Agni granted a wish that meant fire couldn’t hurt Hanuman,The god Varuna granted a wish that water couldn’t harm him, and his father Vayu blessed Hanuman so that he could be as fast as the wind.


Hanuman’s youthful and foolish nature resulted in him using his special powers to prank innocent people. He pranked an old man who had been meditating and praying to the Gods for years one day. Hanuman was cursed by the old man in anger over being pranked and his meditation disturbed, which resulted in him losing all the abilities given to him by the Gods. 


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