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Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami 2023:

Janmashtami is considered a great Hinduism festival. Lord Vishnu incarnated in the form of Shri Krishna in Dwapar Yuga on the Ashtamian date of Krishna Paksha of the month of Bhadrapada. Krishna Janmashtami is a celebration every year. According to religion, Krishna was born in Mathura at midnight in Rohini Nakshatra on the day of Janmashtami. Krishna devotees fast on Janmashtami, preparations are made for the birthday of Bal Gopal at temples and houses. Krishna’s birth anniversary is celebrated at 12 o’clock in the night by singing hymns. Tell us about the date, timing, and significance of Janmashtami in 2023.

Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated for two days on September 6 and September 7, 2023, in the new year 2023 also. According to the Panchang, the people of the Smarta sect and the Vaishnava sect will celebrate Janmashtami on various days.

The Shri Krishna Janmashtami Festival is among the most popular festivals in India. That is celebrated annually with full celebration. According to mythological texts, it is said that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Lord Krishna to liberate this land from the oppression of sinners.

It was a matter of time before the terror of King Kansa was all over Mathura, as a result of which the people of Mathura were very upset, to get rid of this situation, Lord Vishnu took the form of Shri Krishna and took the eighth child out of Devaki’s bosom. He was born as Kansa, to be able to get rid of the people of Mathura by killing the tyrannical mother uncle Kansa.

Though Shri Krishna was raised by Mother Yasoda and Nandlal ji, Shri Krishna was very malicious from childhood. To kill that tyrannical mother uncle Kansa had sent many demons. But Shri Krishna had killed these devils.

As Shri Krishna grew, the jar of the sin of the tyrannical maternal uncle Kansa filled. Finally, the moment came when the jar of sins of the tyrannical maternal uncle Kansa was filled.

Then Shri Krishna released Mathura from the terror of the tyrannical maternal uncle Kansa by killing the maternal uncle Kansa to get rid of the terror of the tyrannical maternal uncle Kansa. Since then, Shri Krishna Janmashtami has been celebrated annually with great pomp and joy.

How is Janmashtami celebrated?

Lord Shri Krishna has been indwelling every heart for centuries. The one who is called by nearly 108 names as Govinda, Bal Gopal, Kanha, Gopal, and Murari is Shri Krishna.

He rescued the earth from the destruction of the wicked by taking birth as an ordinary man on earth. Therefore, for thousands of years, the Janmashtami festival has been celebrated by Hindus as a festival with total devotion.

It is thought that pleasing Lord Krishna with devotion on this day brings forth offspring, prosperity, and long life. This is why this celebration of Janmashtami is a special day for all Hindus.

Apart from that, during the Shri Krishna Janmashtami festival, all Hindus keep a fast to please Lord Krishna on his birthday and the temples are decorated and Shri Krishna Rasleela is arranged in many places.

At the same time, Handi breaking programs are organized. And especially in the villages, on the day of Janmashtami, the holiday of Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated by revival with hymns.

During this Janmashtami festival, idols from Laddu-Gopal i.e. Shri Krishna is made to swing and Bhajan-curtain is performed by the decoration of temples by devotees. On top of that, in many places, young people celebrate this festival with great pomp and gaiety by organizing a program to break Dahi-Handi on this day.

Story of Shri Krishna

Shri Krishna ji was born to carry out important tasks and to stop Kansa’s atrocities on earth and kill Kansa. Because Kansa was a powerful king whose terror rose every day over the people of Mathura.

Seeing the atrocities of the tyrant Kansa, one day Kansa was predicted to be killed as the son of Devaki and Vasudev. As a result, Kansa lost sleepless nights and he locked Devaki and Vasudev in jail and whatever children Devaki and Vasudev had Kansa used to kill them.

Kansa’s atrocities created an uproar in the entire Mathura city, he was punishing innocent people, and even Kansa had imprisoned his sister Devaki and her husband Vasudev in the dungeon without any reason.

Kansa had already killed seven children of Devaki with his atrocities and Lord Vishnu incarnated on this earth in the form of Shri Krishna as the eighth son from Devaki’s womb to free the city of Mathura from atrocities.

At the moment of birth, it began to rain profusely and there was thick darkness all around. In the meantime, Krishna’s soldiers were abandoned. To bring Lord Krishna to safety, Vasudeva crossed the raging Yamuna river holding Lord Krishna in a basket on his head, Arrived in the place of her friend Nanda Gopala and came to sleep with Mother Yasoda.

Although Shri Krishna was born into Mother Devaki’s womb, she was raised by Mother Yasoda and Nand Gopal. When maternal uncle Kansa came to find out about it, Kansa sent a lot of demons but Shri Krishna killed them easily.

When the pot of Krishna atrocities was full, Shri Krishna countered all Kansa’s attempts to disturb the subjects. Then, after killing Kansa, Shri Krishna released the people from their atrocities.

How to celebrate Shri Krishna Janmashtami
The Shri Krishna Janmashtami festival is held on the occasion of the birth of Lord Shri Krishna, thus on this day of Ashtami. People fast the whole day, people clean their houses in the morning. Decorating places of worship in a nice way, bananas The leaves and doors of the house are decorated with mango leaves. where the place of worship of Shri Krishna Janmashtami is, it is decorated in a very attractive way, in which colorful flags, balloons, toys, and different types of They are decorated in many forms like paintings of beautiful hobbies associated with Krishna.
On this day water chestnut halwa, coriander powder, and fruit prasad are manufactured as special prasad, which is distributed amongst the people after regular worship after Krishna’s birth.

Shrikrishna Janmashtami is particularly celebrated at temples. People begin to paint the temples 5-6 days in advance and then the temples are decorated with electrically colored skirts and flags. Many Jhakias related to the birth and recreation of Shri Krishna are also decorated, then on the day of Janmashtami, Harikirtan is organized from the same morning, which goes on until midnight at the time of Krishna’s birth, in which people participate enthusiastically and themselves is engaged in devoting himself to Krishna.

And from noon at night, the sound of the conch shell is made and then people execute Krishna’s Aarti, favorable chants are sung, the birth of Lord Shri Krishna is celebrated around it, Then Prasad is distributed which people After taking it, they break their fast and everyone mutually congratulate themselves on the birth of Lord Shri Krishna.

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